IdealWare is a highly sophisticated, fully-integrated POS, distribution and accounting system which has been used by wholesalers and retailers since 1980. It is used by lumber yards, hardware stores, furniture stores, office supply, marine supply, garden centers, general wholesale and many other types of businesses.

IdealWare Software Inc.

IdeaLaw is a highly sophisticated, fully-integrated time billing and accounting system, in use at law firms since 1983. IdeaLaw is designed for the way law firms work, featuring simple and efficient data entry and maintenance procedures, full network support and security and a consistent and user-friendly interface.

The power and flexibility of IdealWare will enable you enhance customer service, reduce processing time, improve your sales margins and make better informed decisions.
IdeaLaw will help you manage your business whether it be a one lawyer office or a multi-partner firm with offices across town or across the nation.
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