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Time Billing
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Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Trust Accounting
General Ledger
Cheque Processing
Management Reporting
Paperless Audit Trail

Ideal Computer Group – Dedicated to Quality

The Ideal Computer Group is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and is comprised of IdealWare Software Inc. (formed in 2011), The Ideal Computer Group Inc. (formed in 1995) and Ideal Software Limited (formed in 1980). IdealWare Software Inc. owns, distributes and supports IdeaLaw, a software package originally developed by Ideal Software Limited.

Ideal's objective is to create the best software of its kind and to provide the best service to our clients. While our clients enjoy the benefits of proven software, they benefit further from being able to have their software customized by Ideal on a timely basis and for a reasonable price. It is through this creative partnership with our clients that Ideal's software continues to improve at an accelerated rate relative to the systems of our competitors.

IdeaLaw is Ideal's legal time billing and accounting package which was first installed in 1983.

Ideal provides quality software, support and training to a wide range of customers from small single-user sites to large multi-location chains. Our goal is to provide the highest level of product satisfaction and support to all customers regardless of size. Dedication to quality is the cornerstone of Ideal's business philosophy.

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IdeaLaw enables you to run any number of practices or management companies on a single software licence.