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Program Overview
General Features
Time Billing
Disbursements Billing
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Trust Accounting
General Ledger
Cheque Processing
Management Reporting
Paperless Audit Trail

Management Reporting

  • Numerous management reports provide up-to-the-minute management information
  • Reports include: Time Utilization Analysis, Missing Timesheets, Lawyer Productivity, Client Billing Recovery, A/R Write-offs and numerous statistical reports
  • Management information can be measured by lawyers and other timekeepers, areas of practice, client groups and referral sources
  • Many reports are available on an "exception report" basis, that is, you can specify a report that reflects only those client files which exceed a certain dollar limit or have details that exceed a certain aging limit
  • The formats available for the balance sheet and the income statement are user-definable and each of these reports can display current monthly or yearly data alongside previous year or budget comparisons
  • The income statement displays income and expense ratios that allow you to monitor performance trends
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IdeaLaw enables you to run any number of practices or management companies on a single software licence.