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Program Overview
Point of Sale
Inventory Control
Purchase Ordering
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
General Ledger

Interfaces / Exports
Bar Coding Support
RF / HandHeld Support
Multi Location Network
Paperless Audit Trail

Accounts Receivable


  • Salesman profit report by customer, by invoice
  • Both open item and balance forward type customers
  • Unlimited customer notes/comments
  • Customer statistics: month to date, last 12 months, year to date, last year
  • Six aging categories
  • Last 24 months status summary
  • Customer change and combine
  • Interest calculation program
  • Unique collection/reminder messages can be user-designed to add focused reminders on your A/R Client Statements that vary depending on the age of the outstanding account
  • Aged A/R Report can be printed numerically by client number or alphabetically by client name and includes the contact name and phone number of clients
  • Interest can be added to outstanding accounts receivable on client/matters of your choosing at an interest rate that you specify
  • Interest on accounts can be automatically included in the client's A/R record and will appear on their Client Statement
  • Cash receipts program allows individual invoice payment, partial invoice payment, automatic invoice payments
  • Enhanced credit management report
  • Invoices tracked by customer contract
  • Customer statements allow printing separate "sub-contract" statements and invoice summaries
  • Customer statements allows simulation of balance forward statements for open item type customers
  • Posting client payments creates a "Deposit Slip" which can be used to replace your manually prepared bank deposit slip
  • Separate and total cheques and cash receipts to simplify the month end reconciliation by ensuring the bank information matches your computer records
  • Define for each of your clients whether they should: be issued A/R client statements; be charged interest on overdue A/R (and on what age of the A/R); and/or whether a collection/reminder message should appear on the account statements
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