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Program Overview
Point of Sale
Inventory Control
Purchase Ordering
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
General Ledger

Interfaces / Exports
Bar Coding Support
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Multi Location Network
Paperless Audit Trail

Purchase Ordering and Receiving

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Purchase Ordering

  • Integrated with supplier price lists
  • Draft purchase order creation from replenishment systems
  • Create purchase order by scrolling through supplier's product lists
  • Fax purchase order logic
  • Costs display throughout purchase ordering system based on appropriate security
  • Specify supplier's product codes during data entry for product selection
  • Standing (recurring) purchase orders
  • Unlimited number of comment lines
  • Multiple payment terms per purchase order
  • Purchase orders affect accounts payable cash requirements report
  • Application of cash discounts
  • Internal purchase orders print special internal comments; vendor purchase orders suppress internal comments
  • Retain any number of years of purchase order history

Inventory Receiving

  • Quick back-ordering mode
  • Purchase order receiving reports for validating shipments
  • Inquiry options include: current and/or history purchase orders, purchase orders by date ordered, date to receive, supplier, or buyer
  • Inventory receiving fully integrated with purchase ordering system
  • Inventory receiving allows proration of shipping, brokerage, exchange and other charges for accurate landed costs
  • Full integration with accrued payables module
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