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Program Overview
Point of Sale
Inventory Control
Purchase Ordering
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
General Ledger

Interfaces / Exports
Bar Coding Support
RF / HandHeld Support
Multi Location Network
Paperless Audit Trail

Program Overview

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The Ideal Computer Group, based in Vancouver, BC, has been developing, implementing and supporting IdealWare since 1980.

IdealWare is an accounting, distribution and point-of-sales system which, while powerful and sophisticated, is also easy to use.

IdealWare was initially developed for the building supply industry but has also been successfully implemented in a number of other wholesale and retail environments.

IdealWare is a good fit for the following types of businesses:

  • Lumber Yards
  • Hardware Stores
  • Home Centres
  • Lumber Traders

as well as for most wholesalers and retailers in general, including those that sell the following:

  • Drywall
  • Building Materials in general
  • Office Products
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Plumbing
  • Marine
  • Electrical
  • Paint

IdealWare is very strong in situations involving multiple warehouses and/or stores. Our Multi-Location Integration works equally well in situations where each location has it's own server, all locations are on a single server or some mix of the two.

Ideal provides quality software, support and training to a wide range of customers from small single-user sites to large multi-location chains with hundred’s of concurrent users. Our goal is to provide the highest level of product satisfaction and support to all customers regardless of size. “Dedication to Quality” is the cornerstone of Ideal's business philosophy.

The power and flexibility of IdealWare will help you increase customer service, decrease processing time, improve sales margins and make informed decisions. IdealWare features simple and efficient procedures, multi-user, multi-company and multi-store capability, with a consistent and user-friendly interface.

System Highlights

  • Comprehensive, fully integrated system
  • Multi-user, multi-company, multi-location capabilities
  • Comprehensive security system, effective and easy to maintain
  • Seamless and transparent data access for 3rd party report writers
        –  for ODBC compliant tools such as Excel, Crystal Reports
  • Complete and integrated financial management system (GL / AR / AP / Payroll)
  • Inventory control, distribution system & purchase ordering, with multiple units of measure
  • Fax/Email integration
  • Serial number tracking
  • Comprehensive rebate tracking system
  • Multi-tier kits/packages capability
  • Vendor catalog
  • Bar code scanning and label generation
  • Order entry/POS and quotation management system, including contract/bid pricing matrices
  • Installed sales
  • Rental document creation capability for basic product rentals
  • Credit/debit integration through hi-speed internet
  • Range length pricing for lumber, gyproc, steel or any products that have various lengths
  • Centralized delivery logic
  • Special order lines automatically generate single or multiple purchase order(s)
  • Vendor communications and third party software integration (LBMX, Seljax, Canwel, etc)
  • Re-manufacturing with unlimited job orders and multiple cost capability
  • ID card account creation for clients and employees
  • Keystroke capture MACRO logic allows easy recording and replay of keystrokes sequences
        –  ideal for recording training sessions, month end report procedures, etc
  • RF/Hand-held device support for:
        –  Sales processing
        –  Inventory maintenance
        –  Stock count
        –  PO generation
        –  BC labels creation
        –  Shipping dept – transfers, order picking, gatehouse control
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