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Program Overview
Point of Sale
Inventory Control
Purchase Ordering
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
General Ledger

Interfaces / Exports
Bar Coding Support
RF / HandHeld Support
Multi Location Network
Paperless Audit Trail

Point of Sale (POS)

Cash Till Sales

  • Fully integrated with the counter sales system
  • Can be used from within the counter sales system to take payments for counter sale invoices
  • Can be used stand alone as a cash lane register to efficiently sell product and take payments for counter sale invoices
  • Multiple cashier control, multiple cash drawers
  • Full integration with: magnetic card reader, weight scale, hand held scanners, table top scanners, display bars, slip printers
  • Quick entry mode allows creation of detail lines by simply scanning products
  • Scan UPC codes or price labels
  • Real time affect on product committed quantities as sold and customer remaining credit when accepting payments on account
  • Suspended sales feature permits suspension of a payment for retrieval at a later time
  • Multiple tenders
  • Cheque franking: multiple identification entries can be entered per payment which print on the back of the cheque when it is franked
  • Non-sufficient fund cheque payment logic

Charge/Debit Card Features

  • Online credit and debit card authorization and direct deposit with 6 second average response time
  • Sophisticated end of day reporting and cash sheets, and automated end of day direct deposit reconciliation with bank, which is fully integrated with general ledger
  • Credit card slip printing
  • Automatic card type and payment method determination with single card swipe
  • Card expiry and validation logic
  • Multiple visa or mastercards allowed per payment
  • Client card logic

Sale Order Entry - General Features

  • Perform all sales functions from within one screen
  • Access to all inquiries
  • Full integration with cash till payment, purchase ordering and quotation management systems
  • Colour logic used to differentiate relevant information
  • Fax invoice logic
  • Comprehensive yet easy to maintain security includes control over: display of cost/profit information, credit limit overrides, price/discount overrides, deletion of sales, reprinting of picking lists, changing salesman codes on invoices
  • Optional requirement for password entry to initiate a sale
  • Enter customer's address as well as a separate shipping address for cash or charge type sale
  • Automatically warns salesperson if customer has pricing contracts and/or multiple job site addresses and allows inquiry/selection
  • Optional minimum payment logic ensures that the minimum payment is applied to a cash type invoice before the invoice or picking slip can be printed
  • Create "credit to purchase" type customers during the refunding process which gives cash sales customers temporary credit
  • Order completion logic ensures that orders are not updated until they are shipped, paid in full, not on hold and all lines printed, etc
  • Four levels of customer pricing, special customer contract pricing and multiple promotional events running concurrently
  • Multiple payments easily applied to cash type counter sale invoices via the "cash till payment system" without reprinting the entire counter sale invoice
  • Cash till payments made to cash type counter sale invoices are separate transactions apart from the invoice, which allows for efficient end of day cash register balancing and processing
  • Special logic for invoices paid by finance charge to allow for proper reconciliation
  • Real time updating of committed inventory quantities and available customer credit
  • Price change audit file allows management to determine where prices have been altered or discounted

Sale Order Entry - Detail Line Processing

  • Unlimited number of description lines allowed per sale
  • Change product description (with adequate security) and append multiple description lines to a product description
  • Line-by-line credit limit validation for charge type sales
  • Determination of "best of" price based on customer pricing level, promotional events and customer contracts
  • Delivery pricing logic allows salesperson to indicate that a line is to be delivered and then automatically accept an alternate delivery price
  • "On the fly" messages maintenance allows creation of customized message paragraphs for use on invoices
  • "Brief" or "comprehensive" line display shows desired amounts of line information
  • "Quick line modify" logic allows operator to change only one field on a line (ie quantity or price) quickly and easily without re-entering all fields on the line
  • "Modify all lines" logic allows operator to scroll through all lines and selectively modify desired lines and desired fields quickly and easily
  • "Reprice lines" logic allows operator to reprice an entire invoice based on current pricing quickly and easily

Special Product Logic

  • Pricing unit of measure does not have to be the same as the quantity unit of measure
  • Lumber type product units of measure include: lineal, piece, mfbm, fbm, and pack
  • Gyproc type product units of measure include: sheet, msqft, sqft, and pack
  • Pieces and lengths logic allows multiple piece entries of various lengths of product on one line of an invoice; inventory levels are properly affected for the various lengths of product
  • "Sets" or "packages" logic allows for set modification at time of sale
  • "Set" material usage list prints a separate report showing the breakdown of the modified set and instruction sheet

Shipping/Printing Features

  • Shipping and printing logic greatly reduces the number of documents printed and therefore the chance for erroneous shipments
  • Documents include: invoice/confirmation document, regular picking list (prints "taken" or "pickup" product lines only), shipping picking list (prints "delivery" product lines only), shipping document
  • Lines can be individually placed on hold to prevent those lines being printed
  • System keeps track of how many times an invoice line has been printed on a picking list and does not allow re-printing of lines except with appropriate security
  • Product distribution inquiry shows the product availability at all store or warehouse locations and displays this information regionally
  • Different shipping methods can be indicated on a line by line basis which include: delivery, pickup, direct ship, load car, courier or other
  • Alternate shipping locations can be indicated on a line by line basis which initiates the "alternate store shipping" system where the invoice is automatically transferred to the alternate location for processing
  • Product transfer requests can be indicated on a line by line basis which initiates the "tag and hold" system where the requests are automatically transferred to the alternate location and the product is reserved; the invoice is suspended until the product is received via the "store to store transfer" system
  • Shipping method of each line of an order is printed on the picking list

Inquiry/Reporting Features

  • Order inquiry is accessible from all relevant data entry points
  • Order inquiry allows a search for orders (current, history or both) by: invoice number, date ordered, date to ship (deliveries), customer, and salesperson
  • Order inquiry allows operator to select multiple orders which the system then scrolls through for processing and modification
  • Non-selectable orders report indicates which invoices are not complete
  • End of day order register and update presents a comprehensive audit trail of all completed sales
  • Picking list report indicates all sales that have had picking lists printed for a specified day
  • Picking list line re-print report indicates all sales that contain lines which have been printed on picking lists more than once
  • Flash totals report presents a detailed (invoice by invoice) and summarized (current day, week to date, month to date, year to date) report of sales including percentages of totals and (optionally) by salesperson
  • Any number of years of invoice history can be maintained

Special Order Features

  • Sale with special order lines automatically generates a special order purchase order
  • Salespeople have direct access to the purchase ordering system based on security
  • Entry of special order products in a sale allows for detailed product description override
  • Sale with special order lines is placed on hold until the associated purchase order is received into inventory at which point the purchase order costs are attached to the items on the sale
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