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Program Overview
Point of Sale
Inventory Control
Purchase Ordering
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
General Ledger

Interfaces / Exports
Bar Coding Support
RF / HandHeld Support
Multi Location Network
Paperless Audit Trail

Inventory Control and Distribution

Inventory Control

  • Comprehensive stock count processing
  • Comprehensive purchase ordering system
  • Comprehensive inventory receiving system
  • Comprehensive inventory replenishment control system
  • Comprehensive sales analysis statistics
  • Complete inventory transaction audit trail
  • Comprehensive inventory reporting functions, including: quantity control, inventory valuation, sales summary, inventory movement, inventory distribution, inventory performance
  • Hand-held data collection integration with stock count processing
  • Cycle count system used to perform spot counts by shelf location and optionally adjust inventory

Inventory Replenishment Control System

  • "Inventory path of replenishment logic" accommodates: "transfer products" (head office manages the ordering and distribution amongst the stores); "internally sourced products" (stores do their own ordering from another location in the chain); "supplier sourced products" (stores do their own ordering directly from a supplier)
  • "Internally sourced replenishment system" is used at individual stores to accommodate replenishment of internally sourced products from the warehouse and optionally initiates the "store to store transfer" system
  • "Supplier sourced replenishment system" is used at the stores to accommodate replenishment of supplier sourced product and optionally creates draft purchase orders
  • "Warehouse weekly replenishment system" is used at the head office to accommodate replenishment of supplier sourced warehouse stock that is distributed amongst the stores
  • "Inventory distribution system" is used at the head office to accommodate stock distribution of transfer products amongst the stores and initiate the "store to store transfer" system

Product Information

  • Perform product maintenance from all relevant data entry programs
  • "Quick product add" logic simplifies adding similar products to inventory
  • Unlimited number of product notes and comments
  • Multiple product group levels
  • Multiple quick codes
  • Optional comprehensive lumber, plywood, gyprock and insulation features
  • Three units of measure for regular products
  • Four units of measure for plywood, gyprock and insulation products
  • Five units of measure for lumber products
  • Inventory can be tracked and/or costed by product serial number or originating purchase order number
  • Multiple upc codes and multiple suppliers and their product codes
  • Any of the above codes can be used to specify products throughout the system
  • Comprehensive rebate system is fully integrated with the accounts payable system and allows for specification of the following rebate
  • Structures for each supplier and product: face discount, payment discount, month end discount, special month end discount (per MSQ), year end discount/LI>
  • Product descriptions are displayed in various colours throughout the system based on the current status of the product
  • Service type products maintain sales statistics information without affecting inventory levels
  • Markup type products allow costs to be calculated on a percentage of retail price
  • Extensive on-screen inventory information inquiry
  • Comprehensive statistical information
  • Regional pricing, costing and statistics logic
  • Last 5 weeks, last 13 months, month-to-date, year-to-date, last year statistics maintained
  • Comprehensive product/pricing reports
  • Prodigy bar code and price label printing capabilities

Product Inquiry

  • Accessible from all product data entry points
  • Search by: code, description, full or partial word, aisle location, quick codes, upc codes, groups (4 levels), suppliers and their product codes
  • Display of costing information is based on user security profiles
  • Includes purchase order by product inquiry and multi-site product distribution inquiry
  • Display all product information and statistics from within the inquiry

Product Pricing

  • Regional pricing override logic
  • Four levels of pricing for up to three units of measure maintained in pricing maintenance
  • Total of seven pricing levels with inclusion of promotional events and customer contract pricing
  • Convert prices for the other units of measure
  • Base level 1, 2 and 3 prices on discount percentages from retail
  • Percentage price change logic for other level/unit prices
  • Update prices by product range
  • Usual cost, profit margin and discount% (from retail) displayed for each price
  • Ability to set "test costs" for margin analysis
  • Maintain "future" prices that automatically become effective on specified date (also at remote sites)
  • "Range type pricing" products used for creating range or non-specified lengths pricing; especially effective for lumber or any products with various lengths
  • Recommended pricing report/update
  • Comprehensive price reporting
  • Special range length price reporting features for condensed price lists
  • Competitor price tracking system
  • Price notification reports

Product Costing: Supplier's Price Catalogue

  • Regional costing override logic
  • Maintain supplier's price lists
  • Supplier's price list helps generate accurately costed purchase orders
  • Supplier pricing for up to three units of measure
  • Convert costs for the other units of measure
  • Price and profit margin displayed for each cost
  • Current and future promotional events indicated
  • Maintain "future" costs that automatically become effective on a specified date
  • Above feature also at remote sites
  • Comprehensive cost reporting

Sets and Packages

  • Sophisticated "sets" maintenance
  • Sets are products consisting of any number of other products or components
  • Unlimited number of headings or sections and description lines allowed within a set
  • Sets can be modified or added to at time of sale
  • Sales statistics are maintained for products sold as components of a set or sold individually
  • Set prices can be automatically calculated based on the sum of the component pricing
  • Component pricing or costing can be automatically factored based on the set price versus the sum of the component pricing or costing
  • Enhanced material usage lists
  • Fully integrated with the Innovis Designcentre system
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